My trainer Gary Gayler is amazing.  He has taken our mustangs, gentled them and taught them that there are humans worth trusting… Gary never raises a hand to horses.  He speaks to them as if they are his children and he does EXACTLY what he says he is going to do.  If Gary has charged for 90 days, by golly the horse has been ridden 90 days.

Gary is well versed in all of the disciplines and listens carefully to what your needs and desires are.  His goal is to teach the horse as much as possible during his time with them so the horse-no matter the circumstances in life- will always be desirable and have a good human home.  He cares deeply about the personality of each horse and maintains what is there by opening their heart to all the possibilities, so there are no fears.  He also works with the rider to help the tow bond.

Gary’s horse experience is a accumulation of a lifetime of love, which includes Polocrosse, cows, trail show, dressage, endurance, English, western… it goes on & on.  He spent a num of years with motion picture industry, training riders & horses for film and has a number of films to his credit.  Most recently he came over help us load a 3 year old which had been born on our property and never moved.  He had young gelding in the trailer in 25 minutes, quiet & calm.  Katana (horse’s name) walked in & out about 10 times with the “look what I did Mom” attitude.

I have had a few bad experiences with trainers in the past, consequently I know what to look for and what I do not want.  I choose the wisdom & experience of a trainer such as Gary.  Your Horse will love him and I promise you that you will also.

You may contact me at 970-690-3886

Lifetime Horse Lover,

Stacey Q. Miller

Client Feedback
Gary Gayler . Horse Training . Colorado
970-443-7627 .


November 30, 2003

RE: Gary Gayler



To Whom It May Concern:


My name is Michael "Bad Hand" Terry.   I am a Native American historian, author actor and stuntman.  I have worked on over 40 western and Native American films and documentaries as a stuntman and stunt coordinator specializing in horseback stunts.  Films such as “Dances With Wolves”, “Last of the Mohicans”, “Geronimo”, “Far and Away” and “the “Postman” are just some of my credits.


My horse work in films and daily life is a direct result of my lifelong love, passion and interest in horses.  I state these facts to be used as a base of experience for a recommendation for Gary Gayler and his ability to work with and his intimate knowledge of horses.


Through the years, I have met many horse people all with their own ways and theories on working with and training of horses.  Most all trainers methods eventually work and they possibly will end up with a very workable horse.  The difference as I see it in what Gary can do beyond most trainers is that he not only works with the horse physically and mentally but truly understands their heart and spirit.


I can honestly say I have never met anyone that relates so well with them and teaches them in a gentle way that imprints kindness and workability on the animal.  He has truly influenced my relationship with my own prized horses and they and I both appreciate that very much.

I welcome any further inquiries.    


November 2003


To Whom it Concerns:


For twelve years, I have owned and operated Shines Living History Productions which provides programs for schools, museums, state parks, businesses individuals and special groups and organizations.  I subcontract historians and guides to help me host clients.


Gary “White Horse” Gayler is at the top of my list:  someone who I can trust with all ages, in a wide variety of activities.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs a trustworthy, hard-working man who truly cares about the people with/for whom he works.


He is a superb horseman – handling any aspect involving horses, including care and management, training horses, instructing riders at every level, performing historical re-enactments horseback, overnight pack trips and more.  Gary also is a historian who can handle programs regarding America’s early western era, from the Plains Indian perspective, through the fur trade era to the late 1800’s frontier/cowboy period.  He also helped me with a caretaking project, so he has overall “handyman” and ranch management skills as well.


Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Kathi “Shines” Willkomm



To Whom It May Concern:


Every time I ride my Connemara stallion, Ceili Mosi oa Tunya, I thank Gary

Gayler.   Today Mosi needed to learn to cross water without hesitation for

a cross-country jumping competition this weekend.  Mosi doesn’t like water

falling on him.  On an evening ride, we came to some flooded road. I took

the opportunity to train over the running water.  He listened carefully to

me, trusting me.  Before long we could canter across the water.  Of course

Gary had ridden him across many river crossings in his training time

together several years ago, so the crossing today was not that surprising.

 When asking him to do something new with it, canter across, Mosi was

quiet and trusting of the process.  Gary laid the foundation for him to be

this way.  I must say I also thank Bobbie Bolger who bred Mosi’s dam,

because when I thank Gary for the great work he did on Mosi he replies

that it’s the horse himself.  Mosi does have a lovely, kindly nature and

is sensible.  But how many trainers will give the credit to the horse?

Generally, I back my youngsters myself.  I play polocrosse with Gary, so

knew him to be a kind and logical rider.  When Mosi was ready for backing,

I was living in Texas.  Also, I didn’t trust my amateur knowledge for

training a stallion.  For these reasons, I placed Mosi with Gary.  They

became what Gary wrote in a letter,  ‘Mosi and Me’ over the few months of

training.  A partnership is what Gary seeks with a horse, but doesn’t

expect in his short time with green horses.  What Gary did for Mosi was

made him a relaxed, easy going riding horse for me. Also, he trained the

pony to drive.  For Gary, Mosi was quite an athlete doing great stops,

forward bursts, and working cattle.   The combination has been a

comfortable growth path for me where we have ridden to the hounds, taken a

hundred trails and now are ready to show.

There are several great things about Gary’s training technique and his

personal style.


•Quiet handling, makes for quiet behavior

•Consistent, step by step backing covers all the basics

•As soon as possible, the horse is out of the arena and into the real world

•With such a calm trainer, the horse never is moved to overreact

•Involving the owner in riding the horse as soon as it is safe instills

the owner’s trust in the horse

•Teaching the owner how to ride the horse accomplishes the desired goal of

most owners (A rare trait as many trainers would prefer to keep the horse

in training, at the expense of this goal)

•Training includes lateral work, obstacles, wide exposure, in addition to

standard arena work

•Listens to owners desires and aims to meet these

•Most wonderfully, Gary loves the individual horse


Due to Gary’s training Mosi is a reliable mount, accepts discipline and

works readily off simple aids using a simple snaffle.  Gary’s training of

me makes me a good partner for the pony and accepting of his personality.

I am always happy riding this pony.  Gary made this pony one who has made

the two of us ‘Mosi and Me’.



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